5 Reasons to Choose APS for your A/V Production Needs

#1: Planning

 Every successful event begins with planning... Our careful attention to the smallest detail and constant preparations for change are what ensure your event's success.

When changes can occur at a moment's notice and information comes from all directions, it can be easy to lose sight of your vision. When you work with us, our project managers set their sights clearly on the success of your event. They work closely with you throughout the planning process to understand your message and your goals to deliver them on time and on budget!

Careful management of every detail is what you can depend on every step of the way... From initial site inspection and budgetary planning, to finalizing floor plans and technical specifications, our Project Managers know the right questions to ask and the right resources to utilize to help you prepare for a flawless event.

Project Managers
• Participate in On-site Inspection
• Provide Room Layouts
• Create Detailed Equipment
• Organize Resources to Deliver Your Message

#2: Creativity

 Every message benefits from creative, powerful communications. Whether your goal is to educate, honor, or motivate, our Creative Development Team helps keep your audience interested.

We work closely with you to develop creative solutions that enhance your meeting environment and your message. And we deliver cost-effective ideas that maximize the value of your event without breaking your budget.

Whether you turn to us to develop a unique theme, produce music, generate graphics or video programs, or simply suggest creative ideas to enhance your event, our imagination and experience can help instill wonderment and understanding in your audience!

Creative Development
• Theme Development
• PowerPoint Design
• Video Production
• Voice-over Talent
• Set Design
• Lighting Enhancements

#3: Experts

When it's time to deliver your message the Advantage production team is there to offer the professional support you can depend on. Timing is crucial, and our technical production team is poised to ensure that your message is seen, and heard, with the stunning brilliance you worked so hard to create. 

From concert quality audio to broadcast quality video, as well as the finest lighting and staging production services in the industry, our expert team members draw from their vast technical experience and an inventory consisting of the finest quality production equipment available.  

Together they ensure that the audience receives your message with clarity and understanding... every time.

Staging Services
• Concert-quality Audio
• Staging
• Lighting
• Video

#4: Impression 

In today’s face paced world, it can be a challenge to keep your audience interested. Effective communications require the creative use of visual support to help focus attention on your message.

Whether the goal is to dazzle your audience, engage them in thought, or simply ensure that your message is conveyed with clarity and understanding, everything depends on the environment you create, and the support team you choose.

We strive to make your message sound clearer, the environment look more appealing, and support your message with a visual brilliance that demands attention.

It all comes together! Planning, creativity, and technical expertise, all directed towards one goal…To leave your audience with a lasting impression!  

Create a Unique Experience
• Communicate ideas
• Motivate People
to Action
• Create Wonderment and
Understanding in Your

#5: Vision

Whether the event is a marketing or educational road show, motivational seminar, educational conference, or awards presentation, some of the country's leading organizations have come to depend on Advantage Presentations for production quality and dependability when it counts the most.

From the earliest stages of planning to the flawless execution of the final production, our clients understand our unyielding commitment to the success of their events. We bring them a team of dedicated professionals with the resources and experience to create memorable meetings and extraordinary events.

We look forward to working with you, to offering you the value of our experience and imagination, and to making your visions become reality!